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Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer

We love summer! We love it so much that we are practically chasing it around the world this year! Today we enjoyed summer’s fresh fruit, clear blue skies and bright sun in Zagreb,… Continue reading

Street Art in Zagreb, Croatia

Last night, even though we were feeling very tired, we forced ourselves to go on a walk before dinner to get ourselves moving and to make sure we don’t waste time. We went… Continue reading

Pick of the Day – 26/04/2012

Playing with elephants in Chiang Mai was such an amazing experience. Have you ever gotten up close and person with an elephant? We would love to hear your experience!!!

Photo Essay – Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo was an amazingly fun experience and something I would definitely recommend to anyone traveling to Chiang Mai if they have some spare time. The animals were adorable and even the… Continue reading

BANGkok on the cheap!

This city has a variety of views on how expensive or inexpensive it can be depending on who you talk to. I am sure, as always, the seasoned traveller could save a penny… Continue reading

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

We went to the amazing night bazaar in Chiang Mai this evening and were blown away by the vibrant colors, sounds and atmosphere. Here are some of our favourite photos of the night…