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The Many Sights of Cappadocia – Cappadocia Panorama

Cappadocia Panorama is an amazing viewpoint just out of Gerome. If you aren’t jumping on a tour of Cappadocia then it is an easy walk out of town but since we went on… Continue reading

A Postcard From Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Hello Everyone! At the moment you find us in a little town in Bulgaria called Veliko Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo used to be the capital during the second Bulgarian empire but after the Ottoman’s… Continue reading

A Postcard from Kotor, Montenegro!

Hello! Just a quick postcard from Kotor, Montenegro! We got here yesterday after leaving Dubrovnik by a two and a bit hour bus ride across the border. Once here, we entered the Old… Continue reading

A Postcard From Hvar Town

Dear Friends and Family, Today you find us in Hvar Town. A place filled with old buildings, red roofed houses, age old churches and fortresses that have stood the tests of time. Hvar… Continue reading

Photo’s From Our First Day in Budapest – How We Fell in Love with the City in One Afternoon

All you need to do to fall in love with Budapest is to spend one initial afternoon strolling the streets of the “pest” side of town. That’s what we did when we got… Continue reading

Portrait of a City – Hong Kong Photo Essay

There is something really alluring about Hong Kong at night. When the lights come on and the city is lit up and you walk along the boulevard overlooking the amazing skyline of Hong… Continue reading

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

We went to the amazing night bazaar in Chiang Mai this evening and were blown away by the vibrant colors, sounds and atmosphere. Here are some of our favourite photos of the night…