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Fitness Challenge

While in Asia Kelly and I had no problem eating a little less and exercising a lot more. Now in eastern europe we have fallen into a trap I hope that many travellers… Continue reading

Food Review – Bulgarian Food (Date Night at a Local Bulgarian Restaurant)

Bulgarian Food has had some mixed reviews from people that we have spoken to. Some love it, others not so much. We have tried a few snacks here and there but last night… Continue reading

Restaurant Review – The Red Onion in Karon (Phuket), Thailand

If you want to line up for 30 plus minutes but get a good feed – line up at Red Onion. I was skeptical while lining up, claiming it was ridiculous for us… Continue reading

Easy Hostel Risotto Recipe

After having a sook that all we eat is pasta (even though its not) tonight we cooked risotto from this really easy recipe: Ingredients 2 onions, finely chopped 200 g mushrooms, chopped (or… Continue reading

Craving Burgers Hard!

I am a meat lover, sorry to everyone out there that isn’t. I just can’t help it 😦 We had been eating a lot of vegetarian dishes in China, but Europe does it… Continue reading

Our Favourite Dumplings in Shanghai and probably the rest of China – Yang’s Dumplings

Now, Shanghai, I must warn you, was our favourite place for dumplings. We found so many in Shanghai for really cheap prices and really great value and taste. You could get dumplings fried,… Continue reading

Croatian Dining – Date Night @ Fefe’s

Kelly and I have decided to make date night on Friday nights. We head out to a restaurant and indulge ourselves as if money was no barrier…but it still is. We pick the… Continue reading

Craving Chips?? Make them yourself!!!

If anyone knows much about me they should know that I love hot chips and often get cravings for the delicious potato snack. Obviously, if you haven’t got it by now, we are… Continue reading

Food Diary – It’s Easy and Cheap to Eat Healthy!

Today, after our massive 3 hour hike we went to the supermarket and bought ourselves the following feast… 3 x Bananas 1 x Punnet of strawberries 2 x Tomatoes 4 x Potatoes 1… Continue reading

Dolac Street Market in Zagreb – A Fresh Food Lovers Paradise

In the middle of town, right next to the beautiful Cathedral of Zagreb, there lies a market that is amazingly open everyday and boasts the best fresh food, fruit and vegetables from farmers… Continue reading