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Our Favourite Dumplings in Shanghai and probably the rest of China – Yang’s Dumplings

Now, Shanghai, I must warn you, was our favourite place for dumplings. We found so many in Shanghai for really cheap prices and really great value and taste. You could get dumplings fried,… Continue reading

A Not So Forbidden Place – Beijing’s Forbidden City

There are so many things to see and do in Beijing and obviously, The Fobidden City is one of them. Daniel and I decided to tackle the old city after being on an… Continue reading

The Summer Palace in Beijing – A Photo Essay

The Summer Palace is a truly beautiful attraction in Beijing, China. Anyone who goes to Beijing should definitely make time to go see the Summer Palace as its not only a beautiful historical… Continue reading

Cycling Day

Today (21/5/12) Kelly and I decided to hire bikes to explore the massive city that is Beijing. It honestly has almost too many landmarks to visit in an entire month let alone the… Continue reading

Olympic Fever!

This is not necessarily a “traditional” Chinese landmark or experience, but with only a couple of Months until the next Olympic games the site of  the previous Beijing Olympics in 2008 has become… Continue reading

Food Glorious Food!

After leaving China today we already started reflecting and contemplating on what we loved in that amazing country. Food was definitely one massive plus and I thought I would share some of our… Continue reading

Great Wall of China

For those dedicated blog readers I am sure that there are several hundreds posts on this topic everyday, I haven’t overstated anything, just want to provoke some conversation with people who have been.… Continue reading

The Great Walls of Xi’an

The great wall? Xi’an? Isn’t that in Beijing? Yes, the Great Wall is in Beijing. However, if you happen to travel to Xi’an for the most likely reason of the terra cotta warriors,… Continue reading

Amazing Warriors!

This being one of many Chinese cultural highlights became a certain must see on Kelly and my list when we started planning China. Let me tell you early on that this attraction did… Continue reading

Chengdu Bike Tour…

As a part of some of the really leading hostels in China the Lazy Bones Hostel in Chengdu throw a free activity most nights of the week. We were lucky enough to be… Continue reading