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Turkey Border…difficult or easy!?

Despite what people had often told us on this trip Kelly and I found the border crossing from Bulgaria to Turkey quite smooth sailing. Hearing stories of people having to walk for ages,… Continue reading

Return of the overnight bus!

As we travel more and more right now it really seems as though we are catching buses or trains overnight every couple of days. Although this may not be the case we definitely… Continue reading

A Postcard From Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Hello Everyone! At the moment you find us in a little town in Bulgaria called Veliko Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo used to be the capital during the second Bulgarian empire but after the Ottoman’s… Continue reading

Rock climbing…for dummies!!!

This heading is obviously referring to the inexperienced people, that is kelly and I, who signed up to do outdoor rock climbing today. we have no experience in indoor climbing let alone pulling… Continue reading

Review: We Experienced our First Climb in Veliko Tarnovo with Cliff from Trinity Rocks Farm

Whether you have only just started rock climbing or you’ve never done it before, or perhaps you are a seasoned pro needing some guidance, Cliff at Trinity Rocks Farm is the dude that… Continue reading

Never knew I could be so tired that I couldn’t feel my arms and legs…I damn sure felt my heart beat though!

Today we splurged and went rock climbing and OH MY GOD it was sooo worth it! Rock climbing was seriously one of the hardest, scariest yet most exhilarating things I have ever done!… Continue reading

When Travelers Go Bad – What You Might Not See…

Sometimes when you are traveling you get a bit sick and tired. It’s hot. You’re sweaty. Walking seems to take forever. You’re travel partner is annoying the hell out of you… Sometimes this… Continue reading

How To: Get from Belgrade -> Sofia -> Plovdiv in Less than 24 Hours

Traveling through countries like Serbia and Bulgaria can sometimes be quite confusing due to language barriers, unawareness and a plethora of other things, getting information is often quite hard. There is also this… Continue reading

Veliko Tarnovo Fortress – Tsarevets Fortress

This fortress, similarly to the one in Belgrade, was full of open space and quite large. Unlike the old towns of other eastern european countries these fortresses are full of room and areas… Continue reading

Veliko Tarnovo Free Walking Tour

Although I am not as much of a history buff as Kelly is I am a really big fan of hearing the stories behind countries historical occasions and major events in their existence.… Continue reading