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Attraction Review – Alaturka Pammukale Tour

Daniel and I aren’t really a fan of tours. There are a few reasons why we dislike them including the two big dislikes of being herded around like cattle and mostly being overcharged… Continue reading

All travellers have their limits…

Limits on how many days you can spend in a dorm room before the requirement of some privacy burns too deep and you splash out the couple of dollars extra for a private… Continue reading

Cheap and Easy….Noodle Soup, that is!

One of our regular meals is becoming Chicken and Corn Noodle Soup and instead of buying a packet of it each time, we use these simple ingredients to make it ourselves…. 1 x… Continue reading

Healthy Ideas?

These are changes we want to make for our 30 day fitness travel challenge . Although these are obvious, these are some of the changes we intend to make in the 30 days!… Continue reading

Fitness Challenge

While in Asia Kelly and I had no problem eating a little less and exercising a lot more. Now in eastern europe we have fallen into a trap I hope that many travellers… Continue reading

How To: (1 Tip to) Not Let Budget Travel Take Over Your Life Completely

Sometimes, we must admit, we get very bogged down in trying to save every cent we can while we are on the road. We over think, over calculate, over speculate and pretty much… Continue reading

Hostel Review – AGP Guesthouse in Koh Tao, Thailand

AGP was quite a decent guesthouse, situated behind the main streets of Koh Tao. To get there you turn right when you see the 7 Eleven on the main street situated on the… Continue reading

How To: Get from Belgrade -> Sofia -> Plovdiv in Less than 24 Hours

Traveling through countries like Serbia and Bulgaria can sometimes be quite confusing due to language barriers, unawareness and a plethora of other things, getting information is often quite hard. There is also this… Continue reading

Hostel Review – Hostel Mostel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

We had heard amazing things about Hostel Mostel in Plovidiv so choosing this hostel was an easy choice for us as we felt other travelers would know their stuff. Here is our review!… Continue reading

Easy Hostel Risotto Recipe

After having a sook that all we eat is pasta (even though its not) tonight we cooked risotto from this really easy recipe: Ingredients 2 onions, finely chopped 200 g mushrooms, chopped (or… Continue reading