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Veliko Tarnovo Fortress – Tsarevets Fortress

This fortress, similarly to the one in Belgrade, was full of open space and quite large. Unlike the old towns of other eastern european countries these fortresses are full of room and areas… Continue reading

Veliko Tarnovo Free Walking Tour

Although I am not as much of a history buff as Kelly is I am a really big fan of hearing the stories behind countries historical occasions and major events in their existence.… Continue reading

Hostel Review – Hostel Mostel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

We had heard amazing things about Hostel Mostel in Plovidiv so choosing this hostel was an easy choice for us as we felt other travelers would know their stuff. Here is our review!… Continue reading

A Night of Music at the Plovdiv Ancient Theater and for Free!

No trip to Plovdiv would be complete without a trip to the Ancient Roman Theater situated in the Old Town of Plovdiv. Having visited it in the early afternoon and finding people setting… Continue reading

Bohemian Like You – Belgrade’s Bohemian Quarter

Our trip to Bohemian Quarter was indeed an interesting one! Not knowing too much about Bohemian’s and what they are all about, we made our way to this little street not really knowing… Continue reading

A Unique Fortress Overseeing the Danube – The Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Fortress is located in the heart of Belgrade and is an important historical site in Serbia and Belgrade. The Fortress is the oldest section of Belgrade and was found in the 3rd… Continue reading

Part Three: Durmitor National Park – Tara Canyon and Tara Bridge

After our trip to The Black Lake we took a 15 km or so drive out of the town of Zablijak to the second largest canyon in the world. To get more information… Continue reading

Part Two: Durmitor National Park – The Black Lake…

Durmitor National Park is hard to describe. It is an overpowering vision of beauty, wonder and amazement and as soon as you step inside the national park you really do feel like you… Continue reading

Part One: Durmitor National Park in Montenegro – Our Road Trip…

Going on road trips usually entails early morning wake ups, driving for hours to reach a destination with many stops along the way for toilet breaks, food and whatever else is necessary. We… Continue reading

Hostel Review – Old Town Hostel in Kotor

Right in the heart of Old Town, the Old Town Hostel is definitely in the right location. The people that run the hostel are extremely friendly and always willing to help. Any question… Continue reading