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Croatian Dining – Date Night @ Fefe’s

Kelly and I have decided to make date night on Friday nights. We head out to a restaurant and indulge ourselves as if money was no barrier…but it still is. We pick the… Continue reading

Trying Some Local Croatian Beers in Split

The hint we were given by a few people was to try the local Croatian beer “Karlovacko” On our way home from watching a soccer match that was held by some student union… Continue reading

Our First Taste of Croatian Rakija – The First Shot and How to Deal With it…

So we are sitting in our hostel after walking over 10km today and one of the hostel owners comes in after a day of doing whatever he was doing and asks us if… Continue reading

Dolac Street Market in Zagreb – A Fresh Food Lovers Paradise

In the middle of town, right next to the beautiful Cathedral of Zagreb, there lies a market that is amazingly open everyday and boasts the best fresh food, fruit and vegetables from farmers… Continue reading