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Bohemian Like You – Belgrade’s Bohemian Quarter

Our trip to Bohemian Quarter was indeed an interesting one! Not knowing too much about Bohemian’s and what they are all about, we made our way to this little street not really knowing… Continue reading

A Unique Fortress Overseeing the Danube – The Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Fortress is located in the heart of Belgrade and is an important historical site in Serbia and Belgrade. The Fortress is the oldest section of Belgrade and was found in the 3rd… Continue reading

Part Three: Durmitor National Park – Tara Canyon and Tara Bridge

After our trip to The Black Lake we took a 15 km or so drive out of the town of Zablijak to the second largest canyon in the world. To get more information… Continue reading

Part Two: Durmitor National Park – The Black Lake…

Durmitor National Park is hard to describe. It is an overpowering vision of beauty, wonder and amazement and as soon as you step inside the national park you really do feel like you… Continue reading

Part One: Durmitor National Park in Montenegro – Our Road Trip…

Going on road trips usually entails early morning wake ups, driving for hours to reach a destination with many stops along the way for toilet breaks, food and whatever else is necessary. We… Continue reading

Montenegro 2012 – Durmitor National Park

Montenegro 2012 – Durmitor National Park , a set on Flickr. Yesterday we took a road trip in Montenegro and visited Durmitor National Park. Here are the photos we took and will be… Continue reading

Our Walk to The Fortress in Kotor Montenegro – A Photo Essay

Today we decided to trek the city walls in Kotor, Montenegro. It was a bit of a “difficult” walk up the steps to the fortress but unbelievably, totally worth it. You pay 3… Continue reading

Hvar Sunset – The Best Place to See the Sunset in Hvar

Last night we went to an area of Hvar Town that we were told was the best place to see the sunset in Hvar Town. The person we spoke to recommended a bar… Continue reading

Diocletian’s Palace – An Ancient World inside a Modern City…

So basically the story goes, as do many stories of ancient history, that this really famous emperor, by the name of Diocletian, was so up himself that he wanted to build a long… Continue reading

Dolac Street Market in Zagreb – A Fresh Food Lovers Paradise

In the middle of town, right next to the beautiful Cathedral of Zagreb, there lies a market that is amazingly open everyday and boasts the best fresh food, fruit and vegetables from farmers… Continue reading