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Just Hanging out in an Ancient Roman Town – Ephesus and all it’s Goodies

Not many people get to say they walked through a roman ancient town that still seems so intact that you can imagine them living out their daily lives. As we walked to Ephesus,… Continue reading

Our Visit to One of the World’s Ancient Wonders…

I’ll have to admit to you, we were very ignorant today and didn’t know much about the sites we were going to see. After hopping off yet another nightmare overnight bus we were… Continue reading

Guest Post on Travel Destination Search – Check it Out!

Hey Friends!! I hope you are all well out there in blogging world! Just letting you know we recently wrote a guest blog for Travel Destination Search and we’d love for you to… Continue reading

A Palace Fit For a Sultan – Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

If you go to Istanbul and you miss this sight, you are crazy. After being to Hagir Sofya I wasn’t sure if anything could be topped but this place was amazing. This place… Continue reading

Both Grand and Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul holds up to its name…

Every synonym you can think of for the word “big” is applicable to the Grand Bazaar. It is not only ginormous, huge, gigantic, massive and every other word thinkable but it is also… Continue reading

Spices, Tea and Turkish Delight at the Spice Market in Istanbul

The Spice Market in Istanbul really is a treat for the senses. I’ve heard people use that term before but as we strolled in to the market today I came to fully realise… Continue reading

Review: We Experienced our First Climb in Veliko Tarnovo with Cliff from Trinity Rocks Farm

Whether you have only just started rock climbing or you’ve never done it before, or perhaps you are a seasoned pro needing some guidance, Cliff at Trinity Rocks Farm is the dude that… Continue reading

Veliko Tarnovo Fortress – Tsarevets Fortress

This fortress, similarly to the one in Belgrade, was full of open space and quite large. Unlike the old towns of other eastern european countries these fortresses are full of room and areas… Continue reading

Veliko Tarnovo Free Walking Tour

Although I am not as much of a history buff as Kelly is I am a really big fan of hearing the stories behind countries historical occasions and major events in their existence.… Continue reading

A Night of Music at the Plovdiv Ancient Theater and for Free!

No trip to Plovdiv would be complete without a trip to the Ancient Roman Theater situated in the Old Town of Plovdiv. Having visited it in the early afternoon and finding people setting… Continue reading