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The Catacombs – Better than the show Bones

Well this is something in Paris I will never understand. All of the sites and attractions such as; Eiffle Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Champ Elysees, Notre Dame and The Louvre all have this… Continue reading

Couch Surfing – Amsterdam

Kelly and I were more than willing to try our hand at the European pass-time of Couch Surfing throughout this holiday. Although not always being as successful and finding random couches to sleep… Continue reading

Dreary Weather in Amsterdam couldn’t stop our Bike Tour through Amsterdam!

If you just read our last post, you will know that we are so lucky to be couch surfing with such lovely people who are spoiling us rotten. Cue in the rainy, unpredictable… Continue reading

Settling in to Amsterdam!

We arrived in Amsterdam last night and arrived at our lovely hosts’ apartment at about 6.30. We are staying with a really lovely couple named Wendy and Rick and even though Rick was… Continue reading

We are being spoilt in Bordeaux!

We met our host Raphael when we were in Cappadocia, Turkey and she was on a holiday with her boyfriend Samir. They are both from France but are studying in different parts and… Continue reading

El Camino – A walk to remember

This pilgrimage is one that generally is done for religious reasons. Having the end of the 800km walk finishing at the burial sight of St.James. These days however the walk over the French… Continue reading

One Crazy Afternoon in San Sebastian – Spain!

We decided to only spend one night in San Sebastian due to its ridiculously inflamed prices and the fact that we are, everyone gasp now, a little bit over beaches. Upon arriving to… Continue reading

Pamplona without the Bull Run

Kelly and I decided to stop off on our journey to the well known location of the Spanish “Running of the Bulls”. A festival that has been well known for years now after… Continue reading

Flamenco – Not Just any Old Dance

We had heard about this traditional Spanish dancing for all of our time in Spain. People had given us mixed impressions and interpretations making us quite sceptical as to whether we will go… Continue reading

Insanity or Genius? – Deciding for ourselves at Museo Reina Sofia

Having student cards in Madrid either proved to be really lucky (if you ask me) or really unlucky (if you ask Daniel). I had heard through the grapevine that the Reina Sofia museum… Continue reading