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The Fun House – Photo Essay

This “Fun House” was an attraction under the Bund in Shanghai, it provided us with a few hours of fun illusional scenery. Below are the photos from the displays…

The 6 S’s of China (China warnings and Preparation guide)

SQUAT TOILETS These are inevitable in China, you can try all you want but at some desperate stage the hole will beckon. You will have to use one so you may as well… Continue reading

Hello Shanghai!

After battling through the 20 hours on a train, which was much better than I had even hoped for, we arrived at Shanghai Station at 10am. As we entered the station and walked… Continue reading

Portrait of a City – Hong Kong Photo Essay

There is something really alluring about Hong Kong at night. When the lights come on and the city is lit up and you walk along the boulevard overlooking the amazing skyline of Hong… Continue reading

Places to hang out in Hong Kong

Kelly and I today went for a traditional exploration session in Kowloon and Hong Kong island and found a place on each side of the bay that we thought were worth a mention.… Continue reading

The Daily Dollar!

Okay so! We are going to start being more diligent on our daily dollar posts, outlining to you how much we spent. Hopefully, this will help you see that travel really can be… Continue reading

The Best View in Hong Kong! Do Not Miss Out!!

Today we got ready to go to the AMAZING Victoria Falls, otherwise known as “The Peak” in Hong Kong. Daniel and I were both very excited for this endeavour as we had heard… Continue reading

Getting Lost in Hong Kong

Today was our first day in Hong Kong! We actually arrived yesterday evening but stayed the night at the airport (but you can hear more about that later.) Today was a bit of… Continue reading


Here’s the back story…Kelly before leaving, undoubtedly after a few drinks turned to me and asked me whether i thought that KFC in China would taste better than in Australia. As stunned as… Continue reading