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The Great Walls of Xi’an

The great wall? Xi’an? Isn’t that in Beijing? Yes, the Great Wall is in Beijing. However, if you happen to travel to Xi’an for the most likely reason of the terra cotta warriors,… Continue reading

Amazing Warriors!

This being one of many Chinese cultural highlights became a certain must see on Kelly and my list when we started planning China. Let me tell you early on that this attraction did… Continue reading

Chengdu Bike Tour…

As a part of some of the really leading hostels in China the Lazy Bones Hostel in Chengdu throw a free activity most nights of the week. We were lucky enough to be… Continue reading


Another free event run by the Hang Tan Inn Hostel from Xi’an, and one that is very popular in lots of hostels in China is the Friday night dumplings party. This is the… Continue reading

A Quiet Moment in the Heart of Chengdu City

After visiting the People’s Park, my heart was set in visiting the Aidao Nunnery to listen to nuns chant before their vegetarian meal. I’m not sure if I was hoping to find God… Continue reading

A Park for the People in Chengdu!

When something is titled so auspiciously you get excited to go even before you get there. The name holds promise that it really is a park for the people (hehe) and not just… Continue reading

Qu Pi Road Market – Not for the Faint Hearted!

Now, I must put a warning in the introduction of this post. Qui Pi Road Markets is not for the faint of heart. To go here, you must be prepared. You must be… Continue reading

Face Changing Opera – A Wonderful Evening out in Chengdu!

Now, I must warn you, usually when anything has the word opera in it, I am immediately turned off. This is doubly so for Daniel. Neither of us are the opera going type… Continue reading

Panda Loving!

With one experience with pandas under our belt at Chiang Mai (Thailand) we decided that we were ready for the real deal. This place in Chengdu is world renowned as the best breeding… Continue reading

Daniel’s Fun Time

Alright people, although Kelly and I were meant to go to the park and enjoy a day of picnics and snacks, birds and flowers, I was lucky enough to stumble onto the holy… Continue reading