Haunted Houses in Cesky Krumlov!

Cesky Krumlov is a beautiful, beautiful city with a cute winding river, old medieval buildings and has an overall lovely, relaxed feel.

We had heard all these amazing things prior to coming to Cesky Krumlov and while most people just spend a day or so there we decided to spend four nights there to get some much needed relaxation and chill out time because our battery charge is running low.

Upon arriving to Cesky Krumlov we expected our stay there to be just that.

Cue in the ghost stories.

They started straight away.

People leaving the hostel told us all about how their last night was filled with ghost encounters and not to stay upstairs because it’s haunted and scary.

Check in comes along.

“You guys are upstairs,” the receptionist told us.

Great, just great.

“Good news! We can upgrade you guys to the “loft” which is a private area upstairs in the attic of the room called “the pit”…”

Daniel and I look at each other with blank faces.

“Is it in the haunted room?” I asked with a nervous smile.

“There have definitely been a few sightings in that room…”

“We will stay with as many people as possible, thanks….”

So we refused the private room and offered to go with safety in numbers.

The story goes that the hostel used to be a hospital for lepracy and many deaths occurred here. A monk who frequented the hospital but didn’t have lepracy is said to have committed suicide in one of the rooms by hanging himself from the rafters because he was so sad to see so many sick people and started questioning his beliefs.

Ghost stories included people seeing him sitting above their bed on the rafter he committed suicide, lights flickering on and off, doors opening and closing and a hooded man walking around checking on each of the people in the beds.

The first night we spent their neither Daniel or I slept a wink. Wide awake the whole night. Not even a little bit tired. Daniel wasn’t as scared as I so he was very nice to stay awake with me. Watching the most G rated movies and shows we could think of such as A Bug’s Life and Scrubs.

The second night, just as scared but Daniel was drifting in and out of sleep. With my eyes wide open I looked around the room all the night long and I kept staring at the door to the room where the monk committed suicide.

That’s when I saw it…

The door creaked open and a glowing orange light flickered on for a few seconds and then flickered off with the door closing.

To my relief another girl was awake and saw the exact same thing. We both gasped and then looked at each other in amazement. Our eyes turned straight back to the door and a few minutes later saw the exact same thing again….

The crazy thing was we didn’t hear any footsteps going to or from the door and the light didn’t look like the regular light.

That night we slept with the light on and the next night we changed rooms to downstairs but in the room far away from where people have heard a baby crying and a mother trying to calm it down.

Do you guys believe in ghosts??? I’d love to hear your ghost stories!!!