Beer Tasting in Prague!

So, here we are in Prague! The land that loves beer.

(We are a little behind on our posts as we have been extremely busy so all the posts over the next few may be a little jumbled so apologies for that!)

After we went on another free walking tour to see the main sights of Prague, Daniel and I went with our new busabout friends Emma and Nick to the “Beer Museum” in Prague to try some famous beers! Now, when you hear Beer Museum you may be thinking of a typical museum where we would read heaps of information on how beer is brewed or things like that but no, the beer museum is much better than that. It’s a bar that has 30 beers available on tap for your tasting delight.

Now, anyone back home that knows me will know that I am not a massive beer fan but after traveling Europe and beer being cheaper than water (that’s actually true, I’m not lying), I’ve kind of become a quiet fan.

I became even more of a fan last night after trying some really delicious beers including flavours such as cherry, blueberry, honey, chocolate (which tasted like strong coffee), malt and many, many more.

We all decided to get what was called “tasters” which was 5 very generous 150ml beers of your choice.



Needless to say we had an awesome time trying the beers all between us and chatting away. We can definitely see why the Czechs are some of the biggest beer drinkers in the world with the average consumption of beer per person is more than 1 liter a day!