The Catacombs – Better than the show Bones

Well this is something in Paris I will never understand. All of the sites and attractions such as; Eiffle Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Champ Elysees, Notre Dame and The Louvre all have this level of wow factor and turn into things you will never forget. The Catacombs definitely has that title…just for a different reason.

Briefly the Catacombs are the skeletal remains of thousands of people taken from cemeteries around Paris and placed underground because the cemeteries were becoming overcrowded and unhygienic. Yeah I agree not sure how this became a selling point for anything at all. Despite this description this site is disturbingly popular, but in reality is be like walking through a cemetery. It is so busy in fact when we got there over 30mins before the opening time we still waiting in line for a further 2.5 hours after the opening of the site. Price wise it was only 4EUR for under 26’s and 8EUR for full price adult tickets.

People flock to this attraction and it is something you must see but at the same time is something I look back on and really don’t understand all that much. It may be the feeling of terror that the darkened site gives, but to be honest while down there it really gets you thinking on what life actually dwindles down to.

It got me thinking as the rows of skulls and bones went on the literally kilometres, how you must be ready to take every opportunity because at some point it does end and it leave you with nothing.

Not everyone sees it as this and others just see it as a site and a remarkable one at that. It hits people differently, similar to art work. It as to be said thought that this amazing feat of man must be seen to be believed.