We are being spoilt in Bordeaux!

We met our host Raphael when we were in Cappadocia, Turkey and she was on a holiday with her boyfriend Samir. They are both from France but are studying in different parts and they are studying medicine and after they finish will work in the military for 10 years. Wow!

When we met them in Cappadocia and they found out we were coming to Bordeaux, Raphael was kind enough to offer for us to stay in her flat with her since her brother, who she shares a flat with, is on holidays at the moment.

From the moment we arrived we’ve been spoilt rotten with food, treats and a road trip to St Emilion in the famous, UNESCO heritage wine region near Bordeaux.

Here are a few photos from our stay with Raphael so far!


Sampling delicious pastry sweets! I had caramel and Daniel had passion fruit and coconut. Delicious!


Our first lunch together when we arrived in Bordeaux.


After our picnic dinner, Raphael showed us her favourite Bordeaux sights!



And today our wonderful day trip to the St Emilion region!



We’ve been having a really great time so far and will hopefully keep you up to date with some more details of the wonderful things we’ve been up to in Bordeaux which is quickly creeping up to be one of my favourite Western European cities!!!