Pamplona without the Bull Run

Kelly and I decided to stop off on our journey to the well known location of the Spanish “Running of the Bulls”. A festival that has been well known for years now after author Earnest Hemingway brought the festival to the face of the Western world from one of his novels. The festival began years ago when kids used to sneak out at night and run along the streets with the bulls that were being walking in the safety of the night. This escalated and now heaps of drunk’n idiots think it smart to run in a narrow lane with killer bulls.

Kelly impersonating a “Killer Bull”

Monument of Earnest Hemingway, outside the famous Bull Ring

This town however remains largely very quiet when this festival isn’t running, which occurs in the early part of July. So for us arriving in early August meant this town was ghost like, as well as having a Sunday slot into our 2 days in Pamplona. The quiet escape however was exactly what Kelly and I needed.

A beautiful face with a beautiful park behind it

Being able to see the track for the bull run outlines how short and narrow the streets are made and how dangerous it can be. Although with the track lasting for abut 800m it can be done. The town itself is very walkable with plenty to see. A citadel, Cathedral and perfect streets. Not to mention some other really impressive unknown sights such as a swimmable river and a section of the 800kM El Camino pilgrimage.

One of the beautiful streets in Pamplona

City Hall

Logo of the El Camino pilgrimage, shown throughout town to direct them through the city

This town was not pumping with clubs and pubs but it had a lot of character and no where near as many tourists!

Although it was only a couple of days it was a very pleasant time to recharge our batteries from some big weeks in Spain and enjoy some more quite areas with greenery and space.