One Crazy Afternoon in San Sebastian – Spain!

We decided to only spend one night in San Sebastian due to its ridiculously inflamed prices and the fact that we are, everyone gasp now, a little bit over beaches. Upon arriving to San Sebastian, for some reason we were feeling very lack luster and when the hostel stuffed up our booking and we were forced to sleep in separate rooms we were a little annoyed. However, we sucked it up and after doing a lot of “I’m really tired” sooking we decided to see the whole town in one afternoon.

We found this was entirely possible. We walked past the beach, through the beautiful streets, through the filthy port and into some more narrow windy streets. This is Europe in a nutshell and while it was beautiful we were looking for something to inspire us. Plus, I was getting hungry so my attention span was very short.

Cue in the music. From a few streets away we could hear this strange folk music being played and we knew instantly we had to follow it. We stumbled in to the street and to our astonishment we saw tens of people dressed in traditional looking outfits all armed with HUGE bobble type heads.


I almost, well I probably did, squeal with delight as these crazy people danced around the streets while these old men player their folk music. We ran down another street and back up to where all the fuss was happening to get a better position and saw so many of these crazy men dancing!





We followed them marching down the street with music when we heard a BANG really close to us. I instantly freaked out, worried that someone was going to shoot me when I looked at the crazy man and noticed that he had some sort of balloon attached to his hand that he was using to smack the people marching along the street with them.

Oh my god, this guy has lost the plot and he plans to kill us all with a balloon.

My instant thought.

Then I looked closer and noticed the locals loving it, almost asking for it. Then I looked at all the crazy men and noticed they all had this balloon. When I looked even closer I noticed the balloon wasn’t really a balloon. It was some sort of an animal inside blown up to resemble a balloon. Maybe a stomach or something gross like that. Not sure. But I’m sure it was pretty gross.

It’s a terrible photo the one below but it was the best I could get of this intestine balloon…


As we followed through the streets the crazy men kept chasing the kids and hitting them with the balloon and out from the corner emerged HUGE PEOPLE! I couldn’t believe my eyes, what the hell is this!





When we got home it was quite late so we decided to head to bed but not before watching a few episodes of scrubs. Daniel was in my room with me when we heard the loudest explosion I had ever heard in my life. I convinced myself the city was being bombed and instantly froze. The bombs kept dropping and I was preparing to say my final goodbyes when we heard one familiar fireworks sound and hoped it may be fireworks. We stood on the balcony and were so lucky to be treated to the loudest and biggest fireworks display we had ever witnessed and heard.

With no Internet to help me I had no idea what this festival was about. After doing some research I found out that this festival, celebrated every year in august since the 70s is a week devoted to everything big. Makes sense I guess. Big heads, big people, big fireworks. No real traditional reason but hey, when you’re in Spain why do you need a reason to celebrate big things???