El Camino – A walk to remember

This pilgrimage is one that generally is done for religious reasons. Having the end of the 800km walk finishing at the burial sight of St.James. These days however the walk over the French Pyrenees finishing in Spain is now done for many reasons. Fitness, thought provoking or to push bodily limits. People leave France with a bag full of goodies, tents, torches and sleeping bags hoping to reach the hard slog in a matter of weeks. Some people taking 3 weeks some taking far longer stopping as often as possible to breath in the sights and villages.

After watching a recent film called “The Way” it excited me into thinking that one day I would love to do this walk to make an attempt at something that would normally be pushed aside. This walk now has made it onto my goal list and in the next 5 years I would love to take 6 weeks off and complete the walk.

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