Flamenco – Not Just any Old Dance

We had heard about this traditional Spanish dancing for all of our time in Spain. People had given us mixed impressions and interpretations making us quite sceptical as to whether we will go and see a show…until we made our way to Madrid when one person said that the show brought him to tears.

There were a couple of recommended versions in Madrid but only 2 of them had the reputation to match. One which was really famous for their performance and the people they get through the door. The show we chose on the other hand was known to be a little smaller but more traditional as the people that perform are the owners of the restaurant and bar. This meant to us that they weren’t performers they we traditional Spanish people doing it for the love of the music.

To be honest I wasn’t pumped or desperate to see a show and when it started it, to me, resembled a drunken night out with my mates. Some stomping of the floor, flailing limbs and some loud singing. Although I was terribly wrong. As the show went on the music and signing that came with it was first rate, and to be honest that alone would have been worth the money. Along with the dancing however, it turned into something special. With the men and women signing clapping and playing guitars to their own impersonation of the song. A true jamming session it seemed like as it was obvious that no one had any music in front of them and the clapping could not have been rehearsed…it was felt, by everyone of them on stage.

The highlight came as the finale of the show beckoned. A man stood up and performed this elaborate tap dancing for about 15mins, not once stopping. The band and clapping working in unison as this man danced and clicked to the beat. He was amazingly fast with his feet and extremely passionate. he smiled and frowned as our eyes followed him as though we felt what he felt. The venue turned into a dome where basically you were entranced by the sound as all other noise was drowned out. The crescendo of the sone came with a dominant stamp of his feet and the music ended.

It was a real treat for the eyes and ears as these people passionately played and danced with the music showing us all the feeling that these people have for their culture, country and people. You must attend a night like this if you visit Spain, especially if you are a music lover! A great night out!