FREE Walking Tour – Madrid

‘Sandemans NEW EUROPE’ is a company that runs very thorough and quality walking tours in lots of major cities around Europe. Currently they run them in: London, Edinburgh, Dublin,Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Prague, Paris, Madrid, Jerusalem and Copenhagen and I’ll be honest you would be silly not to take up the opportunity. They are ‘free’ of course but they do request a tip at the end of the tour, but they are well worth it. It’s up to you what you tip but that’s all the money the tour guides make so for the price of about 3 euros you can see and learn a lot about the city and country.

We have done multiple free walking tours because they are crazy cheap and they help comprehend the history of the country. The guides always know plenty of facts and often have interesting and different stories that you normally wouldn’t hear. They are entertaining and this one in Madrid went for 3 hours.

For instance we were shown the number one suicide point in Madrid, the oldest running restaurant in the world, stories of the Madrid version of Robin Hood and the origin of tapas. These are the interesting stories that, for a person walking the streets alone, you would not be able to see. I don’t recommend doing these all day everyday, but doing these on your first day allows you to gain your bearings in a foreign city and helps you see things you may later want to revisit.

Kelly and I are very independent travellers and we don’t like doing tours but these free tours are a great way to find things and facts that normally would be hidden to from tourists. They are a great initiative and help us find our way, if you ever see one being advertised and you have some extra time take advantage of it!