Valencia’s Oceanographic Museum – Europe’s Largest Aquarium!

In Valencia we decided to splash out (pun very much intended) and go to the oceanographic museum. I love zoos and aquariums and animals in general so when we get the chance to do things like this I get super excited. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to charge the camera which made me so upset that I nearly didn’t want to go due to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to take 400 plus photos but I persevered and settled with just over 100 on the good camera, over a hundred on the “bad” camera and some videos on the iPad…

The Oceanographic Museum in Valencia is really cool because it contains marine life from all the world’s main marine ecosystems. In this museum you can find marine life from the Mediterranean, temperate and tropical seas, oceans, the article and Antarctic and the Red Sea.


The museum is also cool because it has a strong focus on being environmentally friendly and helps people to see in a really visual way the damage we are doing just by simple things like polluting or littering.

I couldn’t get over all the cute little, and of course some big, creatures that were there. They were so unique and incredible and it was also nice to see that the Oceanographic Museum do a lot of work to help marine life get back in to their natural habitat when possible.




What really stole the show for me was the dolphins, so stay tuned on a special post dedicated just to them!