The Dolphin Show at the Oceanographic Museum in Valencia – A Real Treat!!!

Previously, I wrote about the amazing oceanographic museum in Valencia. Trust me, it’s amazing and if you ever go to Valencia, go here. You won’t regret it.

One thing I loved so much about the Oceanographic Museum was the dolphin show! I have never, ever seen dolphins before and prior to this encounter I had never really thought about being excited to see dolphins and I definitely never realised how freaking adorable they are! I couldn’t believe how clever and wonderful they were and they way they loved and bonded with their trainers was such a cool thing to see.


The show itself was amazing with not only dolphins who could sing and dance and jump around but humans diving off huge platforms that seemed at least 15 meters high or more and then not only did they dive or do a crazy jump in to the water but each dolphin took its turn to mimic their jump!

The dolphin show truly was an amazing experience and if I get a chance I will definitely upload some videos for you all to see!!