Eating Paella and Chilling at the Beach!

To be completely honest with you, Daniel and I haven’t really hit the beach much on our holiday. It sounds crazy because we’ve been to places like the Croatian Coast, Thailand, the Turkish coast and Spain but really haven’t had much time or patience to hit the beach. I used to think I was a beach person, and I think back home I may be, but here in the blistering sun going to the beach gets a little annoying and we also find we never have time as we are always trying to see and do as much as possible. In saying this though, I love being in the water and the only thing I dislike about the beach is lying in the heat letting it drain all my energy while doing nothing but hurting my skin cells.

For the last few days we have had the pleasure of catching up with Daniel’s best friend and for a nice little day trip in Valencia we decided to head down to the beach and grab some paella as all the locals told us that this is where the best paella could be found…

After chilling on the beach for a few hours and having an awesome time splashing around in the waves we worked up our appetites and went in search for the amazing paella.




The place we were recommended to go to was pretty much on the beach front and while the name escapes me it was called something like Pepitos or Pepreka or something like this. We’d been given some tips as to how to get a good fresh paella and if you are wondering I will share them with you…

We were told to always go at lunch because this is usually when it’s freshest and Spanish people never usually eat paella for dinner as they say that it’s heavy on their stomachs. The other tip to ensure they cook it on the spot is to make sure there is a 2 person minimum. This means you need to choose the same thing as the people you are with but you can be assured they cook it on the spot 🙂

We chose Paella Valencia as we figured, while in Valencia and it was quite delicious! I do have to say though, I don’t know if I’m in love with paella and some people may dislike me for making the statement but the paella I’ve tried just doesn’t have any kick or “oh my god this is crazy in my mouth” feel as some other dishes I’ve had. In saying this though, it’s still delicious and I would never turn it down!