A Birthday In the Swiss Alps!

I was lucky enough to enjoy my birthday this year in the unforgettable Switzerland Alps, nestled in a valley in a town called Lauterbrunnen. Before we arrived people had mentioned the fact that Switzerland was an expensive country, but when you live in Australia things don’t seem so bad. The country was expensive but Kelly and I managed to stack up with supplies just before we crossed the border.

The views, mountains, wildlife and nature that we saw for the 3 days we stayed in Lauterbrunnen were actually the most breathtaking and wonderful sights I have seen on this entire holiday. With mountains from the Jungfrau range surrounding our every step we were in true paradise. Clear skies reflecting the light from the snow covered peaks made the area seem almost fake with how surreal it was.

Every morning waking up to the fresh cool air and the glacial river’s rapids crashing all day and all night it was a true escape from the dirt and cities we had been in for a long time. I am all for a couple of relaxing days at a beach side haven but for me this was a truly relaxing part of the world.

For the 3 days we walked and hiked through the mountain areas, and there is plenty of walking to do if you are interested! Climbing to the hillside villages and walking to the various glacial waterfalls pumping out ice cold water into the rivers below. Also there are plenty of companies and agencies in towns that can help you sort out a variety of extreme adventure activities. These include, sky diving, base jumping, para gliding and rafting. Also bikes can be hired and everywhere you can reach is amazing!

There are green areas everywhere for you to enjoy picnics or naps on the soft grass. It is absolute paradise with the sun beating down and the cool grass below. No need to move…

I hope our photos entice you to go, and don’t worry about the price of this place because it is an absolute world treasure and you can’t put a price on these views!