When in Paris…do as the Parisians do!

Daniel and I decided to visit Luxembourg Gardens on our last day in Paris. We had planned to go to the market and the catacombs on this day also but due to our total lack of planning we were ignorant to the fact that most of these things are closed on Monday’s. The only thing that was open was the Louvre and Daniel and I still can’t decide if we are willing to brave the hoards just to see a painting of a lady (forgive how untactful we are when it comes to grand works of art).

With hours up our sleeve we were spoilt for time and so spent the morning walking around the beautiful streets of Paris and even went to buy ourselves some sleeping bags which have been so useful ever since we have purchased them. After this we treated ourselves to a feast at the supermarket and bakery purchasing bread, cheeses, chicken, salami and madelines (not the little girl with a hat but the sweet cake treat) and took them to the garden and ate ourselves silly.




After sitting on the wrong grass and having whistles blown and fingers pointed at us to get off, we rolled to the crowded permitted grass area. Feeling the full brunt of the food we just ate we decided that we weren’t going anywhere for a long time as we lay in the sun and let our food digest.

Other than this exuberant eating experience, we also walked around the beautiful gardens and took some photos. The place was truly lovely and we can see why so many Frenchies go there when they can to lay in the sun or sit on the chairs and while away the day.