The House of Quasimodo and Esmeralda – The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

I watched the disney version of Hunchback of Notre Dame when I was a child. I loved it. Quasimodo and Esmeralda were basically my best friends as I watched it over and over again with my sister. The Notre Dame was even amazing and wondrous in the movie cartoon portrayal so when I realised I would be going to the Notre Dame I became very, very excited!


The Notre Dame in short, was amazing. It was beautiful on the outside and inside. Everything was perfectly sculpted and placed and nothing was unnecessary. The gothic sculptures came alive for me as I took pictures of the, from the outside but walking through the inside of the church was not as profound as I thought it would be.


I think maybe I was hoping too high when I walked in the entrance of the church. I was hoping for an epiphany or a moment of realisation, maybe I thought I was going to find god in this magical, supposed-to-be-reverent place. The problem resided with the fact that the church wasn’t reverent at all. It was a massive tourist hub and I almost felt like I was at a busy train station. People were hustling and bustling everywhere, taking pictures with their flash on even though it clearly said not to and to have an experience like I pictured was practically impossible. You couldn’t walk 5 centimeters without someone talking loudly next to you, even though you are supposed to be silent, or pushing in front of you or cutting you off.

Regardless of this however, and even though I didn’t have the experience I thought I would where I would just be in awe, the inside of the church was amazing. The stain glassed windows were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, the statues were marvelous and foreboding, the roof was high and spectacular and every where you looked you saw something amazing.