Chilling in a local park – how to be lazy in Paris in style!

It was late Sunday afternoon and after Martin and Charlotte cooked us brunch we were all feeling pretty lazy and tired from the late night previous and the heaps of food we had eaten. While Martin and Charlotte were going to stay in, we decided we should make use of the beautiful Parisian parks that seem to pop up everywhere and so we made our way to one near the local university.

It was quite a large park but Daniel and I weren’t feeling very exploratory so we found some grass in the shade, spread out our makeshift picnic blanket and spent the afternoon reading and talking and watching the Parisians do what I think they do best.

On this Sunday afternoon we were also treated to a talented bunch of young men who gathered in the park with their instruments and started playing music for everyone. It was very cute to hear them sing and play as they laughed and drank in the park and we giggled at their attempts at singing English lyrics as sometimes they didn’t get it quite right but often made it sound better than the original.