A Very French Dinner!

After begging Martin and Charlotte to let us cook for them on Sunday night we were told no abruptly as they had already purchased ingredients to make us Traditional Savoury French Crepes. How could we resist?

When we got home from the park on Sunday afternoon we were not the only guests to arrive at Martin’s friend from high school and her boyfriend from the U.S. had popped over for a visit.

We all gathered around the table with some wine and French patte which I tried much to my, and I am sure Daniel’s, surprise. After asking what it was and getting mixed responses such as “duck liver” “intestines” and other words that I didn’t reeeeallly want to hear, I decided not to be rude and go along with the spirit of things and took a bite. It was surprisingly nice but I don’t expect I will ever be purchasing or eating it again.


After the little snacks of duck something and other things, Martin got his chef hat on again and cooked us beautiful Savoury Crepes filled with goats cheese, tomato, ham, mushrooms and other wonderfully delicious things. They were seriously so yum and we felt so spoilt being fed such yummy food.


The rest of the evening was spent eating, laughing and chatting away. We even tried some French Cider which was so unusual for Daniel and I as it had such a strong taste. It wasn’t sweet like the cider we are accustomed to but I imagine it to be the cider the French would have drunk in the medieval days like I learnt in high school so I was very satisfied with that.