A Market on Las Ramblas – Mercat La Boqueria

Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona! We have only been here one day but oh my gosh, we love it. It’s such a crazy place that electrifies the senses and everywhere you look there is something or someone interesting to see.

Market La Boqueria is nothing different. I love markets and it’s something I’ve always gotten to see on our travels. Whether we’ve be in Asia or Europe, where the markets are completing different, I don’t think I’ve found a market that I hate yet. Market La Boqueria is nothing different.

It was so exciting to walk through this market place and even though I am sure it is very touristy it sells everything! It has restaurants where you can be freshly cooked fish, places to buy tapas and fresh juice stands with fruit salad and cups of fruit. Then it also has fresh, raw fish (some of the crabs were still squirming much to my dismay), red meat stalls, chicken stalls, olive stalls, dried mushroom stalls, fruit and veg stalls and every other food stall I could imagine.

Some of the images were quite graphic such as the freshly cut goat heads or the huge ox tongues and while I didn’t take photos of these, I went crazy taking photos of other things….