Loooove Valley – A Provocatively Named Valley in Cappadocia

Today I need to back track a little to the time we found ourselves trekking in Cappadocia. This post is especially for my mum and dad who have been asking for this blog post ever since we told them about this place a few weeks ago. With Every skype conversation we have had this question has come up “Have you done the post on those things yet Kelly??” and so, here it is.

As we didn’t want to pay for a tour because we are so cool like that, we decided to trek out to the interestingly named Love Valley. We had heard some rumours about the shapes of the rocks there and we wanted to see if these rumours were true.

Our walk was massive on this day. It started in Pigeon Valley where we trekked 4kms from our town to the town of Uchisar where we got to see some lovely views from an ancient castle.

We then made our way down to Love Valley and began our walk. While the beginning was still beautiful, the rock formations we saw were not exactly the ones we thought we would see and we were wondering if these rumours were just a myth created by locals to have a laugh at the eager tourists who wanted to see these ridiculous rock formations.


The walk was by no means short or easy as we had to clamber up rocks and run down their face. The heat was starting to kick in and we were beginning to grow tired, thinking more and more about food and less and less about the images we’d come to see.

As we walked deeper and deeper in to the valley, we started seeing what we thought must of been their idea of a rock shaped as the image we had been told about and were a little disappointed.


I mean, sure, there was a small resemblance but I will forgive you reader if you can’t quite make out what image we are thinking of.

Then it happened. We walked up a rock face and looked over the valley and it was like one of those moments in the movies where a main character has a realisation. The heavens sing, the sun comes out and their faces light up with excitement.


Here they were, as closely shaped to a man’s privates as any rock formation I had ever seen and they were everywhere we turned. We couldn’t help but giggle and be amused at the sight before our eyes…





I couldn’t even begin to understand how funny it was that these rocks have formed exactly like this and so many of them also. How and why was it that over centuries these rocks had corroded to look exactly like this shape and now they have stopped corroding and sit there for the world to see?

Very funny stuff.