Eating Indian in London – Goal Complete!!!

Before we got to London, Daniel and I dreamed of having a delicious hot Indian curry. We eat Indian a lot back home and adore it. We tried to get some in Thailand and it was craaaap to say the least so we were a little apprehensive at first to even bother trying.

After a few suggestions, we decided to go to Lahore Kebab House which was very close to Aldgate East train station. It was a bit of a task to try and find but we always love an adventure and this was no different!

After getting a 2 litre bottle of cider for 3 pounds, we entered the restaurant and chose some standard Indian dishes of butter chicken and tikka masala. We were going to be gutsy and try something new but we thought we’d stick to the old western favorites so we wouldn’t be disappointed.

Disappointed we weren’t. The food was delicious. The right amount of spice, delicious flavours and the garlic naan was scrumptious!! We were very very satisfied!




Leaving the restuarant, our plates were empty and bellies were so full. We headed back to our hostel and played a game of scrabble before watching some Game of Thrones and heading to bed!