Parliament…British that is!

What a royal and majestic building this highlight of London was for us. London is truly scattered with hundreds of famous buildings, streets and attractions although for us this stood out as a contender for best sight in London. We have seen the Hungarian parliament building in Budapest, which is meant to be an architectural copy of the British building with a few additions to distinguish the two, we feel that England’s history and importance adds to the level of WOW factor of the building.

It is truly amazing to stan next to something you have seen numerous times on TV’s and Movies for the past 20 years. This building lived up to all its hype. Along with the famous Big Ben as its most known attachment, the building could stand alone with as much importance. Its architecture, detail, colouring and aura made it something we couldn’t recommend more.

Anyone in London would visit the building and it deserves the attention. Its not anything that can be described in clarity, but it is definitely something that should be visited. Not to mention the several building around it that command respect in same breath like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The area around these building is worth a half day at least. You can explore there inches or skate through the area and view the exterior of the multiple impressive buildings.

Big Ben, over the Parliament Building

Big Ben, standing alone…

Either way you will enjoy the views and the stories behind them, their history and their architecture. Get down to the Thames river front and admire the building around!