One Really Old Church – Westminster Abbey

London has a lot of “old things” and these “old things” are truly amazing. One of the most remarkable churches I have ever seen comes in the form of one that is over 1000 years old and that is, yes you guessed it, Westminster Abbey.

Words to describe Westminster Abbey? Beautiful! I can tell why Londoners and the religious love this abbey and could almost picture all the royal weddings and events taking place at this iconic landmark.

Visiting on a Sunday meant we couldn’t really go inside but the outside was absolutely amazing and the inside parts we did venture in to were stunning.


This church has been in use since the 10th century and has been the coronation church since 1066 and is a resting place for seventeen monarchs over this time.


This gothic building is absolutely stunning and across the road from parliament it makes the area feel so amazing and special.

Getting close to the abbey you can see the enormous details and efforts that have gone in to this monument.




Walking through the courtyards of the abbey and into a room dedicated to the queen was a truly majestic experience and made even more so by the sound of the organ and choir singing during Sunday mass.




Westminster Abbey and the surrounding buildings are truly beautiful and need to be seen on any trip to London. Don’t miss it!!!

– Kelly