London Summer :)

Well we were warned before coming here from multiple people that the weather wasn’t the best…although this was far beyond our expectations. With potential jobs in a Canadian winter later this year i truly feel London has prepared us for beyond that. It is currently the coldest summer since 1924 and it does feel that way.

As a tourist it is hard to drag yourself out of bed and walk this pretty town with fear of drowning. Day 1 the sun was out and we thought it can’t be that bad…but it turned and stayed turned. From tat point on we have received 16 and rain as a standard forecast and when coming from Australia this is cold for a winter, let alone summer.

It has however been made better by the fact that London has so much to do and plenty of things to explore indoors. The Museums are first class and often free and after todays visit to the British Museum its obvious why people rave about their quality.

Although the sun is nice, we don’t need it to be hot, we just hate when its raining. So please London hold the rain off, Idon’t mind the temperature just could go a day without having to dry my clothes when I get home.

Thanks, Daniel