Cycling Around London – The Cheapest Fun!

Before we got to london we were a little worried at the bill we would rack up using the tube and we knew that even if we tried to walk everywhere it would be nearly impossible.

Cue in the greatest thing cities can ever do for locals and tourists alike and you have the bike hire scheme that we have been taking full advantage of over the last few days!


The bike hire system in London is fantastic!!! All you need to pay is an access fee of either 1 pound for 24 hours or 5 pounds for 7 days. After this, every 30 minutes you use the bike for is free so all you need to do is cycle for 25 minutes, hop off the bike for about 5 minutes or so and then jump on another bike!

As big as London is, if you are willing and able, riding a bike is easy and fun and you get to ride down cute little streets and explore more of the city instead of just sitting on the tube underground or an a slow bus in the London traffic.

We have gone everywhere on these bicycles and love the easiness of it all! We have seen so much more of the city than we possibly could have imagined because it is so cheap and easy to cycle everywhere. You also get to feel like a local because there are a lot of cyclist in this city!



If you want more info on this super great idea head to their website for all the info!