Blog – We Meet Again! An Update from Not So Sunny London!

Hello Everyone!

Yes, we are still around!! Although we have neglected the blog in the last week or so we haven’t forgotten it and hope to get back in to the swing of updating our travels.

The last time we updated we were in sunny Cappadocia where we went on heaps of hikes and walked around a lot and were loving Turkey!

Leaving Cappadocia was sad as we moved on to another country and leaving our beloved Turkey was bittersweet. Turkey has been our favourite country so far so it was sad to leave but also exciting to move on to what we believe is another hump in our travels.

Getting to London was super duper annoying. An overnight bus ride to Istanbul, which Daniel and I have grown to loathe and will never miss, an agonizing 6 hour wait in the airport where we planned to go blog crazy but had no wifi so we caught up on Game of Thrones which is AMAZING!, a four hour flight, which found us drinking too many free vodka lemonades and we then arrived at Heathrow airport!

“Welcome to London!” the city said as we walked to the tube which had delayed and cancelled services.

“Enjoy your stay,” the city exclaimed after being stuck in the tube for 3 hours on a supposed one hour journey to our hostel.

“Summer here in London,” it lied to us as we were stuck in the rain, two backpacks attached to each of us, trying to locate our hostel.

Daniel has done a post on the weather so I don’t need to mention how crazy it’s been but it hasn’t stopped us!

The last few days, and we shall elaborate on these later, have seen us riding more free bicycles than we could ever imagine, eating delicious meal deals from tesco and sainsbury that consist of sandwiches, a snack and a drink for LESS THAN 3 POUNDS while we have seen some wonderfully famous and interesting sights as well as done some shopping at the coolest place ever – Primart.

We’ve also had a job interview for our jobs in London, seen some beautiful parks and even heard Bruce Springsteen and Madonna sing in Hyde Park and also caught up with two lovely people – Natalie and Trav!

London hasn’t come with its sad and stressful moments however as I had to say goodbye to my beautiful doggy who had to be put to sleep after nearly 19 happy dog years and Daniel and I have been agonising over what we want to do next year after we, hopefully, work in Canada over the snow season!

We still have a few more days in London where we plan to hit up some museums, visit some famous markets and have a few picnics. After this, we are off to Paris! Ooh la la!

If you know anything about London that we shouldn’t miss we’d love to hear some suggestions!!

Here are a few photos from our visit in London so far…

Daniel riding on the streets of London, lots of fun!

Watching the marching band on their way to Buckingham Palace.

Seeing our first iconic telephone box!

Eating cheap food like 7inch pizzas for 2 pounds 50!

MnM world…it actually exists! A 4 level store dedicated to MnMs!

Quenching my cider thirst!

Walking through and around iconic streets and seeing how many we can recognise from monopoly!

The cutest dog ever xoxo

Stay tuned for heaps of updates…hopefully we don’t become lazy again!!!

Love Daniel and Kelly xoxo