The Many Sights of Cappadocia – Cappadocia Panorama

Cappadocia Panorama is an amazing viewpoint just out of Gerome. If you aren’t jumping on a tour of Cappadocia then it is an easy walk out of town but since we went on the “Green Tour” we were lazily taken there in a mini bus.

This was our first stop of the tour we were on and prior to this had only seen the sights around Gerome which, to be completely honest, were already mind boggling. When we got here however, we started to realise the magnitude of Cappadocia and how truly brilliant it is.


Looking out at the landscape and the sheer size of it was one of those moments where you realise how tiny you are in comparison to the world around you. The mountains and all the formations seemed to stretch on for a lifetime and what was truly amazing is that when you looked at some of these rock for,actions you could see tiny windows and houses that had been carved out of the rocks so people could live there. To o e side of the viewpoint you could see a whole town that was made from the basis of these mountains and rock formations.


As this was only the start of our tour we were anxious and excited to see what else Cappadocia had to offer and on hindsight, Cappadocia definitely did not disappoint.




I’d you are planning to visit Cappadocia and don’t really know where to start I would recommend this website. I have read it a lot and it definitely has helped us narrow down what to do. It even gives you rough guides of what you should do based on how many days you plan to stay. Definitely worth a look!