I Shouldn’t Be Alive – Ep2 SE01 (Cappadocia Snake Wrangling)

After a long day of sightseeing and water supplies running low Kelly and I, along with our French counterparts Rafael and Samuel, were thrown by the road side by our tour guide and ordered to trek the Devrent Valley by foot while he went and parked the car a further 400m down the road. Needless to say as his estimates were very off we thought this may be the end and we would never see him again…

After playing and laughing at the entertaining sight of the chimneys, shaped like animals, we were unaware of what lay ahead. We joked and giggled and made conversation until we had walked far enough into the valley to think we were the only people out there. We were deserted and stranded in this valley of harsh terrain. Rocks and spiky grasses filled our views and reality was we only had one way to go. We had come too far and didn’t want to walk the few hundred meters back to the main road, so we went forth and hiked.

With the women questioning every forward movement a decision had to be made, go low through the water bed and grasses or stay high and visible on the flimsy rocks. After spotting the cars location in the zoomed lens of our camera we knew its whereabouts and with the vision in sight we chose to lay low in the less steep grassy valley…a decision that almost turned fatal for me…

As the group walked trying our best to stay alive the dangers were brought forward in fear. What about snakes someone asked..?? I turned them down abruptly knowing that the mental welfare of the group had to remain high if we were to escape. Needless to say, I should have been honest.

After making the choice to seek high ground to check our whereabouts I was quickly brought face to face with what could have only been describe as a worse nightmare….a 40cm snake lay on the hot rock in front of me, hissing and coiled in the striking position. I stopped my forward movement and stood, still. I was not ready to tackle the beast as a Bear Grylls might, so i stared it down and begged for my life…I turned and ran back down the soft side of the rocky dunes and stumbled my way back to the group where my story was unbelievable to them…literally.

They stood for moments, contemplating the severity and genuineness of the story before panic broke out. We then motored through the harsh terrain with fear and adrenaline. We ran, jumped, leaped and flew over the ground as not to disturbed what must be the 1000’s of snake that inhabit the area.

After we used all of our remaining energy we fell to the roadside and at our guides feet explaining the atrocious being we had encountered. He was thankful we escaped with our lives and exclaimed that many people don’t make it out alive from the desperate animals. It was honestly the worst 40 minutes of my life and one that will torment us for an eternity.

NOTE: The story depicted above is true, although fairly exhaggerated. We did get lost and see a snake although we weren’t in too much danger. The walk through the valley is amazing and a lot of fun. Not too long but very exciting. Be careful but enjoy the outdoors.