Turkish Bus Travel

Buses throughout Turkey have a fantastic reputation as they often do in Eastern Europe. For Kelly and I we have not been disappointed and they have in fact lived up to their reputation to be among the worlds best.

We last night completed another overnight bus from Fethiye (Southern Turkish Coast) to Goreme (Cappadocia). The bus left on time at exactly 19:30 and only arrived about 30mins later than scheduled at 8:00am, which by the sounds of things is remarkable as people tend to think they run horrendously late. Throughout the ride the crew were more than happy to serve beverages and snacks, with water being given out on demand. The crew was very polite and despite being young were very aware of passengers needs.

The bus also had wi-fi throughout the entire trip, sometimes dropping out in more remote locations but this is to be expected. Not only that but all seats had earphones and a television in the back of the head rest. Although all the shows, movies and music were in turkish it didn’t stop me from having a little look and wasting anytime I could.

Overall the bus travel we have had in Turkey has been first class and I truly hope everyone has had similar stories. Yes long bus rides are always going to be tedious and crying babies make sleeping hard but I think turkey are getting it mostly right.