Attraction Review – Alaturka Pammukale Tour

Daniel and I aren’t really a fan of tours. There are a few reasons why we dislike them including the two big dislikes of being herded around like cattle and mostly being overcharged and underwhelmed. This was sort of the case with the Alaturka tour we took to see Pammukale en route to Fethiye.

Unfortunately, we somehow let time get away from us when we were in Istanbul and by the time we realised we only had a few days to get down to Fethiye for our busabout cruise we kind of had no choice but to go with a tour as doing it ourselves would take too long.

While there were some good things about the tour it was sad that it did leave a lot of people in our tour group pretty disappointed. Some of the good things were that you got picked up from your door, lunch was a buffet and had some really yummy food and of course you got to see a pretty amazing place with very little effort.

The sad thing was that for the price we paid it was hard to see the value in the tour. When we arrived in Pammukale, our tour ticket only included the entrance fee and then the “guided tour” of the ruins that they claimed to give you consisted of our tour guide picking up a piece of rock and saying this is found all throughout the region we were in. He then proceeded to tell us that to get into one of the popular pools you had to pay an extra 30 Turkish Lira and if we actually wanted to go see the ruins we’d have to take a bus that we needed to pay for and we weren’t allowed to walk because we didn’t have time.

While we don’t like to complain because we aren’t those type of people we were fairly disappointed and if it wasn’t for the convenience of the tour taking us exactly where we needed to go in our time frame then we would have been really really disappointed. They definitely talk the tour up a lot more on their brochures than what they actually offer. However, this is life when you travel – you win some, you lose some!

You can read all about how beautiful Pammukale is in our post here.20120708-133505.jpg