A little stop between Ephesus and Fethiye – Pamukkale

Pamukkale, if you haven’t heard of it, is in the South West of Turkey and it is most often visited between visiting Ephesus (Selcuk) and Fethiye. We did a tour which took us from Selcuk, Pamukkale and then off to Fethiye in one day and while we wouldn’t recommend the tour (read our review of the tour here) we would definitely recommend a visit to the wonderful beauty that is Pamukkale.

The town itself is very small and while we were only there for a little while it didn’t seem like there was too much to do other than visit the ancient ruins and splash in the awesome pools.

We didn’t get a lot of time to see the ruins due to the weirdness of the tour but the true highlight of the day was to get to soak in these mineral baths for a few hours while the sun was shining down on us.

If you haven’t heard of Pamukkale before, rocking up to this place you would think its a frozen wonderland in the middle of the desert. Even though your eyes deceive you, it isn’t ice though, it’s carbonate minerals that leave mineral deposit on the rocks, leaving them white and shiny like snow.



When we first arrived here we couldn’t believe our eyes as we walked around this heaven. The water was so blue against the stark white of the mineral deposits and even after you got used to seeing this, if you looked away out in to the distance you saw the familiar Turkish landscape and mountains and you were reminded again how truly bizarre and wonderful this place is.


We spent the day splashing around in the pools which felt so nice to lie around in. The minerals under the water were soft and squishy so it was fun to feel it under our feet and then exfoliate ourselves with it.




Looking back now I still can’t believe we were in such an amazingly weird place and if you ever get to Turkey I definitely recommend a little day trip down to Pamukkale for some relaxing.