Just Hanging out in an Ancient Roman Town – Ephesus and all it’s Goodies

Not many people get to say they walked through a roman ancient town that still seems so intact that you can imagine them living out their daily lives.

As we walked to Ephesus, around 3kms out of the small Turkish town of Selcuk, we wondered what Ephesus would treat us too. Would it be like all the other “ancient roman ruins” we’d seen so far, a building left behind or a structure still standing but crumbling under its age? Being a tiny bit ignorant due to lack of sleep and rushing around we weren’t sure what Ephesus would bring and had to leave it for a surprise.

And Ephesus really was a surprise. Tucked behind some hills, it was really only when we got in that we realised the sheer enormity of this place.


The entrance that we entered from helped us kick off Ephesus with a bang as straight away we came face to face with this giant amphitheatre. Having used to sit 25,000 people, the place was huge. And amazing. As you look at all the ruins it is so hard to believe that each of these rocks that made up this massive amphitheatre had a history that dated before the 1st Century BC.



Moving on from the amphitheatre we were kind of expecting to not see much more. I mean, how much more of this city could possibly be intact? We pictured that we would see some “ruins” ie “rocks” scattered along the ground with a picture on a billboard of what it used to look like.


And then BANG! This came at us! Sometimes it pays not to do research. You have no idea what to expect and you are completely blown away when you see things like the entrance to the ancient library which looked so beautiful you can’t even explain.


The whole thing was just amazing. From the sheer size to the intricate carvings and then walking around inside the library was like an ode to the ancient nerdy book lovers that came before me. href=”https://danielandkellytravel.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/20120629-071610.jpg”>;20120629-071610.jpg

The whole place was just crazy and I loved trying to picture the little Romans running around the town, and the Greeks before them, as they walked along the main street of the town, going to the market or a place of worship.


Every place that we went to, from the public latrines to the baths to the statues of worship and the houses, it was cool to try and picture them going about their lives thinking that this town would last forever.





Even though it was stinking hot, we were sleep deprived from the nightmare of the overnight bus and we didn’t have enough water, this place made us forget all that. It really was a very cool experience and it was hard to not enjoy it as you transported yourself back to another lifetime and followed the popular saying that when in Rome (or an ancient city of it), do as the Romans do!