Our Visit to One of the World’s Ancient Wonders…

I’ll have to admit to you, we were very ignorant today and didn’t know much about the sites we were going to see. After hopping off yet another nightmare overnight bus we were tired and the last thing we wanted to do was read. On our way to Ephesus, our main reason for visiting Selcuk in Turkey, we stumbled across a little dirt road that had a brown sign on it, pointing us to go down. Having read vaguely about The Temple of Artemis and a little side note about it being an ancient wonder of the world we decided to walk down the dirt track and see what it was all about.

So off we went, down the dirt road where we saw a little tourist bus and a handful of people and then we looked over to our left and saw lots of ancient stone sitting in what seemed like a swamp.

Okay, that’s a little mean I understand but for some reason when I thought of Ancient Wonders of the World I pictured places that were amazing, that stood tall against the sands of time and all those other clichés you can imagine. I pictured paying exuberant amounts of money and having to line up for hours to push my camera past a million others to try and get a good shot of the beauty that marveled before us.

At the Temple of Artemis we just walked down this dirt road and the remaining stone blocks were scattered around, some reconstructed in to pillars and you could literally walk on the stones and pretty much do whatever you wanted. There were no fences, no entrance fees, no hoards of visitors.

I found this both strange and cool considering The Pyramids of Egypt also make that list. I’ve never been to Egypt but I can imagine the tourist hoards would be there by the hundreds per day. And here is poor little Artemis, sitting in a swamp with overgrown grass and turtles and frogs stealing the show from it.

Overall though, it is worth to pay a visit if you are going to see Ephesus since it is pretty cool to say you’ve seen an Ancient Wonder and it’s also cool and bizarre to see how it’s kept.






Have you ever had an experience similar? We’d love to hear from you!