All travellers have their limits…

Limits on how many days you can spend in a dorm room before the requirement of some privacy burns too deep and you splash out the couple of dollars extra for a private room.

Or the number of nights you can put up with drunken youngsters coming home and running a muck in the dorm waking everyone up because their version of travelling is sleeping and drinking and not a whole lot else.

Or the number or personally booked bus links until you pay someone to come to your door and drive you there all in one go.

The number of meals you cook and fret over before all you want is to be waited on…only to regret spending the money later because you could have made it cheaper.

The number of times you have to, for some reason, pay to go to the bathroom before you contemplate the sex change to a guy because we can just go on the wall next to the toilet for free.

The number of times you can wear the same outfit before the originally white shirt has turned yellow in sweat and is tossed to the bin.

Or the number of times you can hear a bus toot their horn to the car 20 meters down the line that has stopped because it is a red light…they are driving how they are meant to so stop tooting every 3 seconds!

There are plenty of things, these are just some, that in a few months travelling I am sure you have all felt at times. There are plenty more and I would crave to hear some of the funny ones you all might have!