A Postcard from Istanbul, Turkey

As some of you may be aware, we have just been in Istanbul, Turkey and have had an AMAAAZING time. Why amazing with three A’s? Because if I was to tell someone face to face about it, that’s how I’d say it. That’s why.

Istanbul was probably my favourite city so far for so many different and wonderful reasons. We got to do so many things and see so many things but I also feel I was in a really special place. Hearing the call to prayer throughout the day echoing out across the old city as every mosque erupts with the call over the loudspeaker was one of the most beautiful, eery and humbling things I have ever experienced. Hearing the sales people on the street, luring you in to their shops or bargaining for you to buy their tinkering spin tops or their colorful drawing tools was a lot of fun and eating so many kebabs off the side of the street from our favourite vendor were all amazing things I will never forget.

Some other amazing things we did and saw was the amazing Blue Mosque and on the same day were treated by Hagia Sophya . We wandered through wonderful markets such as The Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market. Our trip to Taksim Square amazed us as we saw Gay and Lesbian Protests and sat around and watched the locals drink beer and eat sunflower seeds at the bottom of Galata Tower. We also did a cruise of the Bosphorus and spent a relaxing day on the Asian side of Istanbul.