Cruising Along the Bosphorus…More like putting along in a little chug boat!

Imagine the sun setting over one of the most beautiful cities on earth. The ocean breeze cooling you off after a stinking hot day in Instanbul. You board a beautiful ship that takes you along the Bosphorus, admiring the city as it lights up right before your eyes and evolves in to a pulsing night city.

And then imagine waving to these people as you toot past on a tiny little boat which may have a few leaks and seems as old as the mosques that surround you. However, you only paid 10 lira for it, getting the exact same view in the exact same place just with the added bonus of playing the game “Will this boat sink on this trip or the next one…?”


That sounds like value!

Last night Daniel and I took the 10 Turkish Lira Bosphorus River Cruise and it was awesome! All we had to do is rock up to the dock at around 7.40pm and wait for the 8 o’clock cruise, hop on, pay our money and away we went! Of course it was a no thrills type of cruise but what do you expect! And to be honest, what more do you need? We got great views of all of Istanbul – from the modern side, to the old side and the Asian side!

Before we got on the cruise we got to get some delicious freshly squeezed orange juice too for 75 Australian cents. I saw him squeeze 3 whole oranges in to my cup, fresh as anything!




The added bonus was going at sunset which I HIGHLY suggest! Not only do you get to see all the sights of Istanbul but you also get to watch the sun go down and with this, the city lights up. Istanbul is absolutely adorable lit up at night and the mosques lit up at night are seriously one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Throw this in with my favourite, favourite call to prayer from the hundreds of mosques and you have yourself a seriously lovely 1 hour or so cruise!





If you ever find yourself in Istanbul make sure you hop on to a funny little local cruise. You won’t be able to miss it as the captain stands out the front with a microphone yelling “Bosphorus, Bosphorus, Bosphorus, 1 hour Bosphorus, Bosphorus” in Turkish and English. You will be pretty much the only tourist but that will make it even more fun!