Turkish Food is all about the YUM factor – Eating Peymacum in Turkish McDonalds

Today we had a whirlwind adventure of the modern part of Istanbul and while I am going to need one million posts to explain to you the amazement I felt walking through the streets of Istanbul today I just wanted to share a quick food review with you…



I could have spelt this right and I hope somewhere out there a Turkish friend is reading this and will correct me if I am wrong.

The best way to describe this snack is a toasted flat bread, the insides filled with cheese and chives. However, not just your regular cheese and chives. It was a beautiful salty, almost feta like cheese, and the chives weren’t really overpowering. It was almost the perfect snack with lemon wedges on the side to squeeze on top.

Amazing! If you ever find this in Istanbul, be sure to try it!

We stumbled past it when we were looking at taksim square. It’s very close to the McDonals on the main street!