Both Grand and Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul holds up to its name…

Every synonym you can think of for the word “big” is applicable to the Grand Bazaar. It is not only ginormous, huge, gigantic, massive and every other word thinkable but it is also a place of intrigue and mystery. As you walk along the cool marble floors of this brightly lit yet somehow dark market area, you can see why so many people make the visit to the Grand Bazaar when they are in Istanbul. From the funny vendors, inventing ways to lure you in to their stores, to the millions of trinkets and carpets available for purchasing and browsing at, the Grand Bazaar is well, crazy cool.

If you want to search every inch of this market you would need at least a day because even when you exit from the “non tram side” the streets behind the market are filled with, what feels like, thousands of stalls with people buying, selling and just strolling around for fun.

You can buy trinkets, carpets, plates, bowels, leather, hats, shoes, bags and pretty much anything else you can think of at the market and as you walk through the aisles your hand is constantly turning left to right to see the products on offer and also up and down to see the amazing architecture of the building that is synonymous with Istanbul.










We didn’t spend long at the Grand Bazaar because we actually stumbled upon it by accident and we plan to go again to make sure we see and feel everything that the Grand Bazaar has to offer. If you are going, a good idea is to read up on what it has to offer on their official website. It includes a map so that can be extremely helpful because trust me, you will need it!